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3 Appliances that are "Beyond" The Basics

April 30, 2024
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Do you ever just take a moment and fathom how far technology has come? Okay, that sounds weird, daydreaming about technology. But all facts considered, technology will always be one of the wonders of the world, and our lives will forever revolve around it.  

In fact, your daily routine heavily relies on technology. How do you cook your breakfast? How do you go to work? And most of all, think about the gadgets that you use to communicate and finish your tasks. See how technology makes our lives easier? 


With all these gadgets and equipment competing in the market today, it now all boils down to the products that are beyond the basics and dare to make a positive difference in your lifestyle.


Rice without Regrets

Filipinos are born to be rice eaters. Thus, we are susceptible to diabetes because rice starch turns into sugar as our body processes it. While there are many available cookers on the market, not all solve this issue. That’s where the Condura Low-Carb Rice Cooker comes in. It doesn’t merely function as cooking equipment because it’s also a health-conscious device that cuts down on the carbs in your rice by 37%, so you can enjoy the same rice, with lesser carbs. You can even just cook regular rice to boot!

Vacuum with Less Chores

Say goodbye to cleaning woes with the Shark Evo Power System IQ Plus AED! With its Auto Empty Dock feature, it sucks up all the mess and debris from your vacuum tank, so you can continue to clean your floor without having to repeatedly dispose of the dirt every time the tank gets full. This can also lessen the spread of dust, which helps you get away with repeated mess and unexpected contact with allergens.  

Less Oil, Same Old Favorite Fried Food

Who says fried food must be a guilty pleasure? Not anymore because of the Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer! This magical device combines steam and air-frying technology to remove excess fat from food. The steaming function is added to bring back lost moisture from the food, resulting in food that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

So, whether it’s fries, fried chicken, or bacon, you can feel like you have a chef whispering healthy secrets into your food!


Now these are the appliances that are way too “extra” for addressing unique problems that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. At, we aim to bring you more of these appliances that would make your house chores a simple task.  

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