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Kitchen Warriors

5 Appliances for the Modern Kitchen Warrior

You are the kitchen warrior, taking up arms against a sea of uncooked food and the roar of the hungry bellies. The only thing standing is between...

November 07, 2020
5 Appliances for the Modern Kitchen Warrior 5 Appliances for the Modern Kitchen Warrior

You are the kitchen warrior, taking up arms against a sea of uncooked food and the roar of the hungry bellies. The only thing standing is between you and them is your own ability to cook up a storm.

But you're not scared. You can take the heat.

Nevertheless, no matter how much of a culinary trooper you may be, it is a poor soldier indeed who comes to the battlefield unprepared. A kitchen warrior is only as good as his or her equipment and that's why we've got five suggestions to expand your arsenal!

Fresh burritos served up with some healthy, low-carb rice? Sign me up!

A Low-Carb Rice Cooker

A staple of every Filipino household, rice has enough flexibility for chefs of every skill level to create a delicious dish, whether as an accompaniment to a viand or as an entrée like risotto or mixed fried rice. While filling, due to its high carbohydrate content, it’s not exactly diet food. However, with a low-carb rice cooker, you can mitigate some of its fattening effects!

Low-carb rice cookers are a relatively new product that are said to cut the sugar content of rice anywhere from 10-25%, depending on the mode and model of the cooker. This makes them a healthier alternative to regular rice, which is ideal for those looking to cut down on their caloric intake while still getting their rice fix.

If you’ve ever had second thoughts about creating a rice-centric dish like home-style burritos or a creamy mushroom risotto because they might be too heavy on calories, you might want to reconsider creating them with low-carb rice, courtesy of your low-carb rice cooker!

Air-fried, crispfied everything, what's not to love?

An Air Fryer

Ah, the oh-so-convenient air fryer! It’s capable of cooking healthier yet equally delicious versions of your favorite foods because it doesn’t rely on the copious amounts of oil traditional frying requires. Thanks to its compact size, it’s the perfect alternative (or addition) to a convection oven or toaster oven if your kitchen lies on the small side.

However, the main draw of the air fryer is its versatility. Pretty much anything you can make in an oven or toaster oven, you can do with an air fryer without the hassle of pre-heating. That means with an air fryer of the right size, you can make pizzas, rotisserie chicken, breaded fish, crispy veggies, and more. You could even make less unhealthy versions of your favorite guilty pleasures like fries, potato chips, mozzarella sticks, and chicken nuggets, to name a few. Definitely a solid pick-up.

Nothing beats a good cup of joe, and a good bean-to-cup machine will do it perfectly every time.

A Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker

While a cup of instant or brewed coffee can offer that quick boost of energy, nothing beats the superior taste a dedicated bean-to-cup coffee machine can give you. Sure, its process is not as immediate as adding hot water, but a bean-to-cup coffee machine is still easy to use and can get the job done pretty quickly if you can spare a few more seconds.

With a bean-to-cup coffee machine, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy outstanding flavors and different kinds of coffee (like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, etc.) that instant coffee simply can’t attain. For the kitchen warrior looking to pair a good cup of coffee with a particular dessert or savor the unmatched flavor of freshly-ground beans, a bean-to-cup coffee machine is a no-brainer.

Imaging cooking this spread all at the same time on one griddle!

A Ceramic Griddle

A ceramic griddle offers flexible cooking, able to do the job of a grill, outdoor oven, and smoker all with one appliance. That opens up a variety of foods to cook ranging from the typical Western breakfast fare of pancakes, eggs, and bacon to more interesting, local choices like homemade tinapa and inahaw na manok.

Similar to the air fryer, the unique properties of the ceramic griddle’s non-stick surface allow you to lessen or completely forego the need for oil and butter to cook your meals, allowing for generally healthier dishes overall.

Easy to clean, easy to use, highly effective, and energy efficient, a ceramic griddle is an unconventional choice worth experimenting with!

Without an ice maker, how would you create ice-cold mojitos?

An Ice Maker

An ice maker may not seem to fit the mold of the kitchen warrior’s toolkit, but with a little ingenuity, you could create completely unexpected treats to enjoy in between meals! Icy, cold drinks are always in demand in the tropical Philippines, so having a dedicated appliance for the base ingredient looks like a good idea.

Consider the wide variety of drinks you could make at home without having to pay someone else to do it (Come on, I know you’ve thought to yourself, “I could do that,” while standing in line at your local coffee/milk tea shop): iced mocha lattes, gin and tonics, horchata, matcha mixes, and more. You could even shortcut the process by putting the liquid into your ice maker to deliver a fresh take on the ice pop!

When it comes to using an ice maker for new drinks or desserts, your imagination’s the limit.

Being a kitchen warrior can be a grueling process as you seek to expand your menu and hone your skills. However, with a new toy to set your creative juices flowing, you’re bound to come up with some exciting, new recipes! Check out the Concepstore lineup to upgrade your equipment and get started on crafting your latest culinary masterpiece. The battlefield er… kitchen calls!

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