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AC Cleaning Tips During Monsoon Season

June 20, 2024
AC Cleaning Tips During Monsoon Season AC Cleaning Tips During Monsoon Season

Wondering why there's a heavy downpour now and then? That's because the rainy season has officially arrived! As declared by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA), the monsoon season kicked off in the last week of May so get your home ready for more rain showers!

Considering how overworked your AC is during the summer season, it deserves to be pampered to get rid of dust, debris, and even mold so it can be ready to brave any season. With that, let us walk you through the good ‘ol benefits of having a well-maintained air conditioner. 



Aircon cleaning during the rainy season is beneficial for your safety and for preserving the aircon unit, as it can save you and your loved ones from unwanted colds and allergic rhinitis due to the molds that have been in the AC’s body for a time now. Cleaning and maintenance are also necessary to maximize your aircon’s lifespan.

Here are some valuable tips you can do:

  • Check your air filters and clean it regularly
  • Check if there are leaks or unusual moisture that is building up, after that, you can book a professional cleaning service for it to be cleaned properly
  • You can also have the electrical wirings checked by a professional AC maintenance service for added security and peace of mind
  • If there is a storm, it is better to turn off your air conditioning unit to prevent damages
  • If your aircon unit has a dry feature, be sure to turn it on to help in preventing moisture and stickiness


It is better to have prepared for anything rather than be sorry and regretting not doing something after an unpleasant situation happened. Be safe, secure, and clean your air conditioning this rainy season to leverage its features and to increase the unit’s longevity. 

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