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Additional Protection to Your Space: Air Purifier in a Nutshell

September 22, 2023
carrier-standing-air-purifier-in-the-living-room carrier-standing-air-purifier-in-the-living-room

As the world constantly evolves with technology and other innovations, air pollution is also inevitable. That is why the creation of air purifiers came about. As we move towards innovation, we should also upgrade safety measures to ensure we are keeping up with the times. 

What is an air purifier?  

An air purifier, as its name suggests, is a device to purify the air that is circulating in your space, may it be your living room, dining area, bedroom, office area, pantry, and the like.    


Getting an air purifier will help not just purify the air in your space, it can also help lessen and prevent allergic reactions (e.g. dust, fur, other pollutants that cannot be seen by the naked eye), assist in reducing asthma triggers, eliminate stinky air odor by purifying it, minimize the risk of airborne bacteria that lead to harmful and dreadful diseases, and provide a better sleeping environment.  


There are several types of air purifiers, depending on your needs and the room or space capacity that you have. For bigger spaces, you will need a larger air purifier unit like products from Carrier. Its premium feature is a high-grade filtration system plus UV technology for disinfection. Recommended for big living rooms, bedrooms, dining halls, and boardrooms. You have options from 18 sqms to 73 sqm coverage. For commercial and office spaces, Carrier’s Ultraclean air purifier heavy-duty technology is the most powerful in its class, cleaning more per hour than other air purifiers. 

For small spaces, you can check out the Condura air purifier. Aside from its compact size, it also has robust features like a 6-stage air purification system, an air filter replacement feature, and more, making it suitable for tiny spaces like workstations and bedrooms.  

In a nutshell, adding an extra layer of protection to the health and wellness of your loved ones is more important than ever. Have you already decided which one perfectly matches your needs? Let our personal shopper assist you with your decision and we will have it delivered within 24 hours (Metro Manila) for that shopping convenience.  

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