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Are you sleep deprived? Here’s how you can get a good night’s sleep

Have you ever woken up feeling tired? If that is what you feel every time you open your eyes in the morning, chances are you’re overworking...
August 03, 2022
Are you sleep deprived? Here’s how you can get a good night’s sleep Are you sleep deprived? Here’s how you can get a good night’s sleep

Have you ever woken up feeling tired? If that is what you feel every time you open your eyes in the morning, chances are you’re overworking yourself and you’re not getting enough sleep to make up for your body’s exhaustion. Considering the world we’re living in today, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to lack of sleep such as sleep disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, personal problems, and of course, work obligations.

While there are other reasons, you can all agree that when it comes to work, It’s easy to succumb to all the pressure, so people work hard day and night to meet deadlines or achieve their dreams as if it’s some kind of race. Sounds unhealthy? Yep, because it is. But don’t get us wrong though, being passionate about the work you do is inspiring and we’re all rooting for you to reach your dream destination. However, while doing all that stuff, you have to ensure that you’re getting enough rest so you can fuel your body to do more. Remember, there are bumpy roads and stopovers along the way.

Furthermore, people are aware that sleep helps you recharge your body, but it can actually do more than that. Did you know that getting adequate sleep lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and it can also improve your mood? Aside from that, it can also enhance your concentration and be more inspired to keep those creative juices running. All this leads to increased productivity. Given that you’re well-rested, you may even have more energy for your self-care needs, and that includes being able to do exercises. You can even jog early in the morning and enjoy the healthy ray of sunshine. It’s also a nice way to jumpstart your day as exercising promotes a healthier mindset. To help you get adequate sleep, ConcepStore is here to give you some tips on how to prep for a better sleep:

Stick to a schedule

If you really want to be religious about getting enough sleep, you should stick to a schedule until your body’s able to adjust to your new bedtime hour. It’ll be helpful to set an alarm at the same time each day so you’ll know when to rise and shine.

Increase daytime light exposure and cut back on blue light exposure at night

You might wonder, how does daylight affect your sleep? According to Healthline, your body has a natural time-keeping clock known as circadian rhythm. It mainly affects your brain, body, and hormones. With exposure to sunlight, it helps keep your circadian rhythm healthy as it boosts your daytime energy. During nighttime, it’ll also increase the chances of you getting a quality sleep.

On the other hand, Blue Light is the visible light spectrum that your devices emit. When overly exposed, it can cause eye fatigue, headaches, blurry vision, and insomnia. Unfortunately, most people won’t last a day without looking at their gadgets. It might just be a reality we’re slowly dipping into. If you’re one of those tech-savvy people, it’s time to reduce your screen time and ensure that you won’t use any electronic devices 30 minutes before bed time.

Make time for daily exercises

Most people who are struggling to sleep include workouts in their daily routine. From moderate to vigorous exercise, you can tire yourself enough for a good night’s sleep. You just have to find the perfect timing as to when you can do your physical fitness. Some people prefer to do it in the daytime because exercising too late at night interferes with their sleep.

Avoid caffeine consumption 6 hours before bedtime

In times of sleepiness and exhaustion, coffee is the usual pick-me-up drink of most people. It’s an effective way to keep you alert and concentrated in the morning. In addition, some people enjoy the addictive taste of sodas as it also triggers the feel-good hormone called dopamine. Despite these benefits, too much caffeine consumption through these beverages can also affect your sleeping habits. It can result in insomnia symptoms, reduced sleep, and a burst of energy that can lead to anxiety.

If you’re already experiencing difficulty in sleeping, you need to cut back on caffeinated drinks such as coffee, sodas, and other energy drinks. Better check the label so you can be certain!

Create a cozy bedroom

This may sound like an exaggeration. But believe us when we tell you that you should create a bedroom so cozy that’ll make you want to stay in bed all day and all night. How do you do that? Well, start by making sure that your bedroom is free from noise, external lights, dust mites, and bed bugs. Imagine how annoying it can be when you just want to lay in bed, and all of a sudden, you feel uncomfortable. It can be because your allergies get triggered or you feel a discomforting itchiness because of bed pollutants. The good news is you have the Condura UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner so you can effectively get rid of all these nuisance. All you have to do is slide it onto your bed and pillows as it vacuums its surfaces!

Keep allergens at bay

Another thing that can interrupt a good night’s sleep is when you have a clogged nose. Again, that is because of allergens present in your air space. Keep those airborne particles at bay with the Carrier Table Top Air Purifier. Other than purifying your air in the room, it has an aromatherapy feature where you can add your favorite essential oil for that perfect tranquility!

Keep your room temperature at an optimal level

Yes, there’s an ideal temperature to have a quality sleep. This is why it’s important to carefully choose the right AC for your room. Choose the Carrier Aura with an inverter technology to keep your room at your set temperature all throughout the night. This way, you can avoid waking up feeling too cold or too hot.

Invest on good mattress and pillows

When you invest on quality mattresses and pillows, you’re also investing in better sleep. As you may know, people have different sleeping styles. Whatever yours is, your mattress should be able to adapt to that. If you think it’s a hassle to buy another mattress, worry not because you can get an Emma Flip Topper that is versatile, depending on your needs. It has a soft and firm side which you can flip and switch up anytime. Of course, you have to choose compatible pillows to complement your bed! You can count on Emma Foam Pillow to support your sleeping style. It’s also adjustable based on your preferred height and softness. Your option doesn’t end here though. If you want to experience living in a hotel, you’ve got to buy yourself Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillows that are so plush you feel like your head is sinking into the bed. Don’t worry about getting a stiff neck because it also has a memory foam core to support your head.

People usually take sleep for granted, especially when you’re young. You feel like you have all the energy in the world, but the truth is everyone has a limit. Being able to pause and respect your body’s weaknesses by taking a power nap or that much-needed deep sleep will be your weapon in the long run. Let’s just leave it this way. You’d be able to do more on your daily grind if you have a healthy well-being.

And that’s a wrap from ConcepStore! We hope that you were able to have some useful takeaways from us. Be on the loop for more life hacks and register and sign up at ConcepStore for more exclusive deals. Don’t forget to add to cart your bedroom essentials and enjoy free delivery within 24 hours.

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