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Bummed about the downpour? Survive the rainy blues with these fun activities at home

September 19, 2022
bored-woman-staring-at-the-window-on-rainy-day bored-woman-staring-at-the-window-on-rainy-day

Rainy days are often associated with the word "boredom," maybe because of the fact that people are forced to cancel plans and stay indoors. More than that, even the rain drops make you feel meh on a gloomy day. When your mood state is on the downhill slope, you tend to crawl into bed and mope-rather sleep, we stand corrected. While you don’t have any control over the weather, there’s one thing that you can, and that is, how will you respond to it? You have the option to sulk or still have fun in many other ways.

For example, if you ever feel like sleeping all day because you’re bored, turn the lights on, get off your bed, and do something that’ll make you feel alive. Just think about it. You’re at home surrounded by the people you love. Why not take advantage of the rainy weather and catch up with the people or activities that you’ve been missing all along?

Fortunately, is always to the rescue to cure your rainy blues. Here are some fun and creative activities that might fuel your positive emotions.

Reading a book

If there’s one thing that’s beneficial during the rainy days, it’s probably the cozy weather that makes us want to curl up on a sofa and read a book that gives us new learning and inspiration. Complement this with a freshly brewed cup of coffee using the Condura Bean to Cup Coffee Maker, so you can focus more on your reading and let those brain cells be active in acquiring newfound wisdom and knowledge!

Get creative with your homemade snacks

If you’re a family of food enthusiasts, discovering different culinary adventures will surely uplift your mood. Gather the family together and maybe have a little fun contest - like the one who gets to create the best dessert wins! Let the baking begin with the Condura Cupcake and Donut Maker, but if you think you’ll do better with a frozen dessert, you’ve got the Condura Ice Cream Maker to help you with that!

Make "rainy day" a "pamper day"

You don’t need to take a trip to the spa to be pampered. All you need is a face mask to hydrate and brighten your skin, plus a Carrier Tabletop Air Purifier so you can breathe fresh, clean air comfortably. More so, you can relax with the scent of your favorite essential oil with its aromatherapy feature!

Channel your inner Monica Geller (The Cleanest Friend of All)

If you’ve watched the series "Friends," then you’re aware that the character of Monica Geller likes to keep things clean, and we mean REALLY clean. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to obsessively declutter your house like she always does. But maybe, it’s time to channel her energy to brighten up your home. To make your job easier, let the Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner clean your floor while you conveniently get rid of bed pollutants using the Condura UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner. Having an organized and tidy house will help you get a better sleep at night. Yes, you can thank us later.

Catch up on some sleep

Here’s an exemption. If you’re exhausted, then maybe it’s the right choice to snuggle in bed so you can recharge your body and mind. Make sure you have an Emma Foam Pillow for a comfortable sleep whatever your sleeping style is or feel like a royalty living in a hotel with theEmma Hybrid Pillow. You’ve got two great options and it’s all up to you, but really, we think you should get them both.

Binge-watch your favorite TV series

Being stuck at home isn’t so bad when you have your favorite TV show playing on the screen. Cry, laugh, and feel all giddy on the inside watching your most-loved artists as they bring you to a different world through their excellent skills in acting and storytelling. Trust us, this will definitely boost your happy hormones.

In addition, here’s a little ConcepTip to ensure that allergies won’t get in your way. Use the Carrier Dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air and keep allergens at bay. At the same time, it’ll protect your home and precious items from mold and mildew for a safer and healthier environment!

Suffice to say, your happiness doesn’t depend on the weather. Although it can be disappointing when you have to change your plans, there’s always a way to find joy in the little things.

To wrap it all up, don’t forget to register and subscribe to and get first dibs on exclusive perks and discounts, plus a free shipping as well as a 1-year warranty on your purchase of any appliances.

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