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How Heat Takes a Toll on Your Brain Health

July 11, 2024
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Have you ever felt the sticky feeling of humid weather? Living in a country that lies near the equator means you've got no choice but to learn to live with this kind of weather.

Such is the situation for us Filipinos, who endure both the hottest sun rays and humidity all throughout the year. Moreover, too much heat combined with high humidity can substantially alter body temperature. Meaning to say, your body and brain will find it harder to cool itself down.

But why are we so sensitive to humidity? Simply put, when the humidity is high, the warm moisture stays on the skin longer, making us feel hotter. This is often referred to as “heat index.”

To provide you with a clearer picture of its effect, here’s a list of how humidity takes a toll on people’s brain health and what you can do to survive it.  


Induces the feeling of “Brain Fog”  


That feeling when your brain can’t seem to comprehend anything? Yes, it’s known as brain fog. In other words, you can’t be clearheaded enough to fulfill your tasks. Based on Dr. Cedeño’s experiment, students who slept in un-air-conditioned rooms performed significantly worse than those who stayed at a comfortable temperature. That said, heat combined with high humidity can put your mind in a haze, resulting in real consequences.

Causes Mood Swings and Other Behavioral Changes 


Wondering why you suddenly feel cranky even when you’re just watching TV? That’s exactly the discomfort of humid days. Despite living our whole lives in a tropical country, our moods are constantly affected by the weather. Who wouldn’t be irritated when you’re all sweaty and sticky, right? Not to mention, high humidity can also cause mold damage to your furniture, art pieces, and bag collection. Without a doubt, it can dampen anyone’s mood.

Nonetheless, there are more serious challenges that an overheated brain can develop, which we’ll tackle in the next section.

Risk of a Heat Stroke



In severe instances, prolonged exposure to heat and humidity can lead to heat stroke, which is a life-threatening condition when the body’s temperature rises to dangerous levels. This leads to confusion, seizures, loss of consciousness, and, worse, coma. If not treated promptly, permanent brain damage may occur.


Now, how do you prevent yourself from experiencing all this? The most suitable way to nullify these effects is to hydrate and cool down your body. And you know what helps you stay cool? The power of air conditioning and dehumidifier!

But wait, how exactly does dehumidifier work? Basically, it balances humidity in the air which makes room inhospitable to dust mites, mold, and that annoying sticky feeling. With the combination of these two appliances, you’ll be able to create a refreshing home to keep a healthy body temperature.

Need cooling appliances to give you peace of mind? Let our Personal Shopper handle your queries! Check out for a wide range of air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

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