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In need of instant cooling comfort this summer? You've come to the right place with ConcepStore!

April 05, 2023
In need of instant cooling comfort this summer? You've come to the right place with ConcepStore! In need of instant cooling comfort this summer? You've come to the right place with ConcepStore!

Summer season can be so much fun, but it can also be quite frustrating. Pretty sure you all can relate when we say that whether you're just staying still or doing some chores, you sweat drastically. Hence, it can be uncomfortable. Now, imagine if you could enjoy the summer without this discomfort! Most likely, you can do so much more without that extra kick of heat exhaustion.

In addition, if staying at home makes you feel like you're confined to a suffocating box with no way out, can pave the way for you! Whether you just want to work comfortably, do your house chores, or have a summer gathering with your relatives, we can provide a cooling solution for you in the twinkling of an eye!

Surprised but curious on how we can provide instant cooling comfort? In partnership with SureServ, we can make it possible! Keep reading and become familiar with these steps:


For those of you who find outdoor shopping inconvenient during the summer, you can shop for your AC right at the power of your fingertips. If you're uncertain about the capacity you'll need, there's no need to fret because our experts will get in touch with you and give recommendations. Even better, has a wide range of AC units for you to choose from. From window type ACs, to split type ACs to portable ACs, we've got it all covered.

Not to mention, all our air conditioners come from trusted brands such as Carrier, Condura, Midea, Toshiba, and Kelvinator. Simply put, your investment is sure to be worth a lifetime because of its quality built and features.


Tired of talking to different people about your AC installation? We’ll make it easier for you! Having us as your trusty companion, we’ll see to it that communications are done smoothly. More than this, you can rely on SureServ to be well-equipped to install your air conditioning unit. Or perhaps, you prefer a portable aircon that you can bring anywhere with you in the house. Well, our portable ACs are easy to use and can be transported from one place to another conveniently.


Admit it or not, you often forget the last time you had your AC cleaned. And when this happens, the consequences can be more costly. The thing is, because of all the things that people juggle every day, things like this are often left at the bottom of our list. So, one of the inclusions in our package is two free general cleanings. This way, we can schedule it ahead of time, and we'll just remind you when the plotted date is already near.

With this 3-in-1 package that you’ll get from, summer at home doesn’t have to affect your productivity rate. Let us be your shield against the scorching heat. After all, it’s our lifetime mission to elevate your lifestyle, whatever the season is.

Interested in knowing more? Drop by our website and browse through our AC collections to figure out which unit will fit your space best. For fast and easy transaction, don’t forget to register and subscribe.

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