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Power-Hungry Appliances You Should Never Plug into a Power Strip

May 21, 2024

Firefighters would probably want every household to know this - Appliances that should never be plugged into an extension cord or power strip. It’s common knowledge to use extension cords when there are insufficient sockets to supply the electricity demands of your gadgets or electronics. On the contrary, others may not be fully aware that power strips are not compatible with power-hungry appliances, and it might just be one of the most catastrophic mistakes that pose serious damage.

Don’t worry—so long as you keep these notes in mind, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from fire accidents related to improper usage of power strips. Let’s put your worries to rest with this life-saving information and make sure that everybody at home is well-informed, too.

 Here’s a list of appliances that should not be plugged into power strips:


Large Household Appliances

This covers the big three—refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. If you noticed, there’s always an allotted wall outlet intended for these appliances in any living space, may it be a home, apartment, or condominium. But of course, there are still isolated situations where there’s no available outlet where you want to mount your appliance. In this case, never opt to use a power strip because these appliances need stable sources of electricity to prevent overload and permanent damage to your units.


Hairstyling Tools

 Yes, even hair-care appliances aren’t an exemption. Hair care appliances like hair dryers, curling wands, or flat irons should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet for safety. This prevents overloading the circuit, reduces the risk of electrical accidents, and minimizes the chance of water-related hazards.


Small Kitchen Appliances

 Don’t be fooled by its size. Multicookers, blenders, ice cream makers, and microwave ovens must also be plugged directly into a wall socket. The reason for this is that most kitchen appliances use powerful motors, which increases wattage use. And more importantly, these are kitchen tools that often operate without supervision, so you absolutely must make sure they're plugged into a wall socket to minimize any hazardous outcomes.


Water Heaters

 Water heaters are meant to give you a worry-free, comfortable bath. Let’s keep it that way by ensuring that you hire expert installers who can dig into your wall and create a safe outlet with appropriate voltage and amperage designed solely for your water heater. Plugging water heaters into a power strip can cause overheating, high energy consumption, and, worst of all, fire accidents and the risk of electrocution as the extension cord might be exposed to water and moisture.


Coffee Makers

Imagine the aroma of coffee turning into the smell of something burning because the coffee maker was improperly plugged into an extension cord. Well, that’d be such a nightmare in broad daylight. Kidding aside, this appliance may seem harmless, but it also needs significant power during operation. Having a direct connection to a wall outlet makes it safer to use.


While power strips might be one of the greatest inventions of all time, you should pay attention to the products that you connect to them. Besides, it’s better to be paranoid than sorry for not being mindful of the dos and don’ts of using power strips.


With that said, let’s continue to live a home life that’s safe and healthy! Here at, our main goal is to cultivate a living space that does just that with innovative and unique appliances that match your home essentials to bring sunshine into your daily routines. Be on the lookout for more by subscribing to our newsletter.

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