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Shark CleanSense IQ+: Dad’s Best Partner & More!

June 27, 2024
Shark CleanSense IQ+: Dad’s Best Partner & More! Shark CleanSense IQ+: Dad’s Best Partner & More!

Ever wonder how excited and anxious a first-time Dad is? Excited because he’s about to be called Dad, excited because he will be able to hold his child for the first time. But a first-time Dad is also anxious since he is still new to these things and routines, sure he has questions like: “can I do a good job?” “can I take care of my family well?”  

Well, put your worry to rest, first-time Dad! ConcepStore will help you relax and offer you a buddy to help you in your activities in this new chapter of your life. Let Shark CleanSense IQ+ help you with other tasks you need to do!


Easy to use at Home


Having a child in your home requires you to have a clean home. With Shark’s CleanSense IQ+, you can achieve that easily and daily, with its SMART IQ PRO, consists of 4 powerful and intelligent features, making sure you are getting a thorough clean every time.   

The dirt detect feature gives you an extra set of eyes by picking up those invincible dirt and debris, giving you a squeaky clean area each time you do some cleaning. Its edge detect feature allows you to clean leftover dust and dirt hidden in edges and corners, that are harmful to your newborn. 

You can also do some cleaning even when it’s already your little one’s bedtime, since this cordless vacuum has a light detect feature that automatically lights the vacuum body in darkness for easy cleaning. And its floor detect feature automatically adjusts to the kind of floor you currently have.

And, it has a multi-flex wand, so that you can reach the low and impossible parts of your home without having to bend your whole body.  

All is set with the Shark CleanSense IQ, whatcha say, Dad?


Great for Cleaning Cars 


Of course, Dads need to tidy up the car for the baby, right? While this can be done when you avail yourself of a carwash service, it’s best to personally maintain the cleanliness of your car, for instance, you have a scheduled visit to the Doctor, or you would just go out with your little family. 

Before you all hop in, clean your car seats, matting, and all of its edges with the Shark CleanSense IQ. It only weighs 2.2kg, so it's convenient to use even for your car. Amid it being lightweight, its premium cleaning power reigns supreme! 

And you need not worry about dust and debris every time you use this vacuum, or if you forgot to clean it, as the cordless vacuum from Shark, CleanSense IQ+ has an auto-empty dock (AED) technology that cleans itself once you docked it. You just need to do a once a month emptying of the dust din and you’re all covered. Spending less time on household chores means spending more quality time with your little one. 

Smart Cleaning  


Becoming a first-time Dad is not as easy as it may seem. And sometimes, we tend to forget about some things we need to do, such as charging our appliances. In case you missed out on charging Shark CleanSense IQ cordless vacuum cleaner, you can still use it during your next cleaning session because it automatically charges itself once docked.  

Aside from helping you clean your car you can also use this cordless vacuum in cleaning your keyboard, your workstation, your furbaby’s area if you have, and even the small spaces in your home, since it has multiple attachments that can cater to different cleaning situations and spaces. 


Relax now, Dad, it’s the usual since you are experiencing it for the first-time in your life. Hope you can breathe a little easier day-by-day, enjoy each little moment, the adventures, the misadventures, and soak everything up. Just always remember that you are doing a great job. 

If you decide to get the Shark CleanSense IQ cordless vacuum cleaner but need assistance, you can sign-up for our Personal Shopper for a seamless shopping experience here at ConcepStore. 

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