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SharkNinja Appliances: Real Solutions for Real Life?

February 19, 2024
a-young-lady-with-her-thought-bubble-of-sharkninja-products-concepstory-concepstore-blog-main-banner-image a-young-lady-with-her-thought-bubble-of-sharkninja-products-concepstory-concepstore-blog-main-banner-image

Do you struggle with house chores or often run out of time in the mornings because you take too long to get ready? Well, these are some of the pain points that SharkNinja wants to eliminate in your life. By looking at the consumers’ daily struggles, the leading company has been able to give rise to overly-engineered products that provide "real solutions for real life." 

Yes, it isn’t simply just a tagline but an embodiment of what the company stands for. Under the Shark and Ninja brands, you can feel a new era of home living where you won’t have to do mindless tasks so you can live a more fulfilling life.   

This, then, begs the question: How exactly do SharkNinja products warrant the promise of this mission? Stay tuned, as we’re about to go into the specifics of real problems and how these appliances solve them!  

Real Problem #1: Messy Dirt Disposal from the Vacuum Tank  

Picture this: You have vacuumed every corner of your home, and as you open the vacuum tank to dispose of the collected dirt, it unexpectedly erupts in a cloud of debris.  



Has this ever happened to you? Well, it’s extremely frustrating, isn’t it? The last thing you want is to make a mess and clean it again. The good news for those who can relate is that you don’t have to experience it repeatedly. Now that the Shark Evo Power System IQ Plus AED (CS601) is here, you can move forward to a simplified cleaning routine with its Auto-Empty Dock. To put it simply, it’s a storage solution that automatically sucks out dirt from the vacuum tank. This lessens the cycle of dirt disposal, making it time-saving and just a pleasant cleaning journey.   



Real Problem #2: Can't quit fried food but want to be healthy    

With all the food you crave every day to survive the demands of life, it’s definitely a challenge to let go of unhealthy fried foods. But with the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer, you’ve got no more excuses.


If you haven’t caught a whiff of what sets this apart from other regular air fryers, it’s time for some discovery. Of course, you already know that air-fried foods are healthier than frying them in oil, right? But can they cook two different foods at the same time? Well, the Ninja Air Fryer can! Thanks to the genius who decided to put two independent 3.8-liter baskets, you can cook two foods in two different ways—perfect for those individuals who are always in a hurry.   

Real Problem #3: The Dreaded Bad Hair Day  

It’s not a secret that using a regular curler or straightener can damage your hair in the long run. It either gets frizzy, dull, or worse, it gets hair loss. What if we told you, you could confidently own your hairstyle without worrying about heat damage?


If you’re a curly queen, straight-hair devotee, or a wavy natural, let us introduce you to the Shark FlexStyle Full Package, your not-so-typical multipurpose hairdryer. Worth it to be hyped about, this features powerful, fast, no-heat damage that also works as a multi-styler. Meaning to say, you get the full package as you get the tools for drying, curling, and volumizing your hair. In a nutshell, it’s never a bad hair day with this hair device!   

Wondering where to get one of these products? ConcepStore is proud to be the home of SharkNinja Philippines’ latest and greatest innovations. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can have them delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours.

Stay in the loop by subscribing to our website because more unique home products are coming your way to make your home living experience better every day!   


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