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The Top 5 Must-Have Home Appliances

Some people live their entire lives with a traditional set of home appliances: a washing machine, a dryer, a full-sized vacuum cleaner, a stove-oven combo…
October 29, 2020
The Top 5 Must-Have Home Appliances The Top 5 Must-Have Home Appliances

Some people live their entire lives with a traditional set of home appliances: a washing machine, a dryer, a full-sized vacuum cleaner, a stove-oven combo… Y’know, the usual. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s okay to go about your day, blissfully unaware of how much your home life could be improved, if that’s all you’ve ever known.

But if you’ve longed for an easier domestic life; if you’ve desired for more than the drudgery of daily chores; if you’ve ever wanted more out of home living, consider this your final warning:

Once you learn about these 5 amazing appliances and add them to your home, you may wonder how you’ve ever lived without them!

You’ve probably heard of this one, and if you don’t have a robot vacuum yet, you probably didn’t “buy into the hype” either, right? Perhaps you thought to yourself, “Why do I need a robot vacuum when I already have a vacuum that works just fine?” And you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, a traditional vacuum under your careful supervision is bound to do a better cleaning job.

However, a robot vacuum IS worth the hype but not for the reason you think. See, while a robot vacuum does a pretty good job of cleaning your home, its true strength lies elsewhere.

It cleans up mental clutter, like that nagging thought at the back of your mind that you’ve learned to ignore but never quite silenced. The one constantly bugging you to clean up, to which you answer, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it when I have the time.” Which you never seem to have.

A Robot Vacuum cleans up mental clutter.

With a robot vacuum, you can tick the “vacuum the house” box off your mental checklist giving your mind one less thing to think about. Those who have dishwashers would be familiar with the epiphany of realizing that you no longer have to clean dishes by hand. So much time saved. So many wrinkly fingers avoided.

Now consider that same peace of mind with the rest of your home’s floor. That’s what a robot vacuum gives you.

2. An Air Fryer

While we’re on the topic of busy lifestyles, we can’t skip the lifesaver that is an air fryer. Those that don’t cook at home usually have either of two reasons: 1) they CAN’T cook or 2) they don’t have the time to cook.

An air fryer solves both.

It’s versatile, able to do most of what an oven can do in a fraction of the time, and excels at giving food an especially crispy texture, whether it’s fresh meat, fish, and veggies, or your typical frozen fare like chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, or mini-pizzas. Plus it has the added benefit of producing a relatively healthier meal since you only need a light spraying of oil to cook any of the food you put in.

Imagine! All the easy-to-use, time-saving ability of a microwave with the output expected of a kitchen veteran.

Get the time-saving ability of a microwave with the output expected of a kitchen veteran.

3. An Air Purifier

Have you ever gone on a vacation to the mountains or to a secluded beach, inhaled the air, and wondered if this is what it was actually like to breathe? This is the sensation you can get every time your air purifier is turned on.

Air purifiers remove pollutants and contaminants in the air like dust, pollen, mold, smoke, and more. When you live in the city, particularly if you’re next to a busy street, opening the window can have a lot of the fumes, smoke, and smog enter your room and severely degrade the quality of the air you breathe. Air purifiers give you a healthy dose of fresh air, tackling all the things that can get your allergies in a tizzy.

In addition to all these allergens, two more things that these useful machines filter and remove from your air are bacteria and viruses. Now, that’s something that’s very relevant these days.

Fact is, you may not even know how poor your current air quality is until you add an air purifier to your home. It’s hard to believe, especially if you feel like you’re breathing properly already. But once you try it and get some of the most effortless, cleanest inhales and exhales you’ve ever had, the whole experience will be like...well... a breath of fresh air.

The only people who can live without rice are the ones who have never tasted rice. For Filipinos, the possibility of living without rice is unthinkable. However, some of us may be forced to eliminate rice from our diets for health or dietary reasons. We’ll still fight for it, though, offering to eat red rice, brown rice, black rice, whatever-colored rice just to satisfy the want, no, the NEED, for rice.

Fortunately, reinforcements are on the way!

If you’re like most Filipinos and can’t get enough of rice, you may want to invest in a low carb rice cooker. While a relatively-new invention, the promises are quite enticing. Early reports say that it’s able to cut to sugar content of rice by a significant amount, leading to a reduced carb intake to help with weight control and a healthier diet.

Whether that means you’ll get a generally healthier meal or that gives you an excuse to eat more rice is up to you. It’s like getting two diet sodas instead of one regular one.

5. A Smart Aircon Plug

When you’re enjoying the cool comfort of an air conditioned room, it’s easy to forget how much they actually cost to run. That is, until you’re greeted by a bill that’s way more than you bargained for. While most aircons have a timer feature, a smart aircon plug gives you that and then some!

Not only can good smart aircon plugs be programmed to turn on or off at a certain time on dates that you set, they can be activated remotely. For example, let’s say you’re leaving work to go home. You could program your aircon to turn on so that by the time you arrive, your home is already nice and cool. In addition to the timer, they can be programmed to switch off once your electric usage reaches a limit you set yourself. It’s a pretty handy feature for regulating spending.

Basically, with an aircon plug, you can fully customize your air conditioning schedule to fit your needs and budget. And given how much time we’re going to spend indoors, those features could really pay off in the long run.

If you found any of these 5 modern home appliances interesting, you’re in luck! They’re quite easy to find, especially with how popular they’re becoming. Try them out one by one or go on a spree and get all of them! With them in your home, you might just start the next golden age of your life.

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