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Thinking of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle? Read our guide to help you make an easy switch

There’s no denying that the worldwide pandemic has made people realize so many things, and that includes looking into their own eating habits. Most people,...
July 05, 2022
Thinking of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle?  Read our guide to help you make an easy switch Thinking of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle?  Read our guide to help you make an easy switch

While this switch could be a huge challenge, there are ways to make it easier. Generally speaking, you have to keep a positive mindset, establish a proper diet, and exercise. We know you’re thinking you have to give up your favorite food but fret not because there’s always a way to keep things healthier! Lucky for you, ConcepStore has made a list of tips and hacks that are beneficial to help you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.

1. Establish your goal

In everything you do, know what you want to achieve. Setting a goal keeps you motivated and excited. Whether you want to improve physical strength, lose or gain weight, or be healthy enough to always get promising results when you have a medical exam. Whatever it is, make sure that it’ll be a rewarding feeling for you when you get to the finish line.

2. Develop a schedule

With all the things you need to juggle every day, it can be a little hard to keep track of your personal plans, especially when it comes to your health. It’s important to develop a schedule that reminds you of simple things like when it’s time for you to do some exercise or drink your water. The good thing is there are many health apps that you can download on your phone to create a schedule. It will help you adapt to the changes until you become accustomed to your new lifestyle.

3. Maintain a healthy diet and cook healthy food

Doing exercises comes hand in hand with eating healthy food. In fact, this should be your number one priority if you want to embrace living in a good shape. Why? Simply because food is the fuel that keeps you going. In addition, you might think that being physically fit is all about green leafy vegetables. While this is partially true, there are actually ways to enjoy your favorite food in a healthy way with the use of high-tech kitchen appliances such as:

Steam Air Fryer - Chicken, french fries, and bacon are just some of the most favorite fried foods in the world. Who can ever resist these, right? But here’s the catch, fried foods can cause heart problems, diabetes, and obesity. Something that we’re all trying to avoid. The good news is you can now enjoy these foods at a healthier level. With the use of Condura Steam Air Fryer , you can cook low-fat meals without the use of oil. Aside from that, you can also steam and fry meat using this multi-functional air fryer. You don’t have to worry about losing your food’s texture because it has a steam fry function that makes it juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Low-carb Rice cooker - Rice is a staple food that will always be part of the Filipino culture. From breakfast to dinner (and sometimes merienda), you can find it on every dining table. Pretty sure, you all agree with us right now. On a more serious note, did you know that excess consumption of rice can have a negative impact on your health? Yes, you read it right. Due to its high starch content, rice increases one’s sugar level, which makes it not an advisable food to eat for diabetic people. But then again, thanks to the pioneers of Condura Low-Carb Rice Cooker , you can now enjoy your rice meal without having to worry about high sugar levels as it cuts down the carbs in your rice by 37%.

Juicer and Sodarizer - For some of you who are reading this, this might sound new. Let us first start with the fact that one of our guilty pleasures is to quench our thirst with refreshing sweet drinks or soda. So to save us from medical concerns like heart diseases, metabolic disorders, or dental issues, Condura Juicer came into the scene. Instead of drinking processed beverages, why not have fresh and natural fruit shake using this juicer? Remember, the more natural, the healthier. But what if you just can’t let go of sodas? Problem solved! You can turn your fresh fruit juices into sparkling drinks using the Condura Sodarizer .

With the use of all these kitchen appliances, it’s a lot easier to start and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

4. Give yourself a reward

After finishing the race to achieve a healthier living, don’t we all deserve a trophy? Definitely, we’re not referring to a literal trophy. It’s up to you on how you want to reward yourself. Your version of trophy might be a cheat day or maybe you can get that thing that you’ve been eyeing for some time.

Change is always difficult at first, but nothing feels better than knowing you’re healthy and have a strong immune system. Who knows you might inspire and influence others to do the same? Show your friends and family that healthy living is the key to enjoying life at its best.

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