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Too fed up with the time-consuming process of AC shopping? Here's a hassle-free solution!

July 14, 2023

For most people, appliance shopping takes a lot of time, especially for air conditioners. Say you’re a professional worker with a full-time job from Mondays to Fridays. This means you only have the weekend to scour the market and look for the right product. Not to mention, malls are extremely packed during these days, so there’s a high chance that wherever you go, there’s a long queue ahead of you.

Apart from that, there are different types of aircon flooding the Philippine market today, which is good, but it also adds up to your biggest confusion. It's normal to have questions such as "What’s the best aircon for me?" or "How would I know what AC fits my space?" Whatever question it is that’s bugging you right now, you don’t actually need to visit a physical air conditioner store just to get the answer because that’s where comes in! We know that a lot of people are terrified of online shopping when it comes to aircon and other appliances, so we’re here to provide you with a thorough walkthrough on how we make a hassle-free aircon shopping experience!

Get Your Own Personal Shopper

Got no experience buying an AC online? No problem! We’ve got a personal shopper who can assist you throughout the whole process! In a nutshell, they can help you choose the right AC capacity for your room, they can also place your order, as well as schedule an assessment so a professional can check your space and make expert recommendations when it comes to your AC and its installation.

Quickfire and Easy Transaction

If you think buying an AC online is time-consuming, your perspective might change after knowing this. For instance, you can already view a wide variety of air conditioners that are energy efficient with a few clicks from your phone or any digital device. Basically, you can choose, order, and pay right in the comfort of your own home!

Hassle-free Delivery and Installation

After your purchase, our personal shopper can schedule delivery and installation right away based on your preferred time. Even better, we can deliver it in as fast as 24 hours. Now, that’s what you call an instant cooling solution!

Choose from a Wide Variety of AC Products

One of the best benefits of our digital devices is that you can check all your options on your screen! At, we offer a collection of aircons for residential, commercial, and business spaces, guaranteed to bring forth quality and durable performance from different trusted brands! Here’s a sneak preview of what you can find on our website:

1. For Cozy Bedrooms – If you’re on the hunt for AC efficiency, you might want to set your eyes on the Optima Air Conditioner from Carrier, as it offers affordable, lasting comfort!

2. For Aesthetic Vibes - For those of you who have a sense of artistry, you should not pass up on the Aura air conditioner from Carrier! This window-type aircon has a unique design that evokes an elegant vibe in your interior.

3. For a Comfortable Living Space - Your living room is where most of the bonding with your family happens. Make sure you have powerful and efficient ACs like the X-Power Gold 3 from Carrier to keep the atmosphere cool and breezy.

4. For the Other Areas in your Home - In case you have a home office, study room, or hobby room, owning a Portable aircon from Midea or Carrier is your best choice! Its mobility allows you to move it easily from one room to another easily. In short, you can cool anywhere with this aircon!

As a final note, whenever you feel like you’re having a hard time finding the perfect cooling solution for you, remember that is always at your service! For a more seamless customer experience, don’t forget to register and subscribe to our website!

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