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Too Hot to Enjoy Anything Under The Sun? Try These Indoor Activities for The Whole Family!

April 19, 2024

Staying out of the sun is probably a good idea, especially if the heat index can reach up to more than 42°C. As of this writing, there’s even a forecast that the “real temperature feel” can go as high as 56°C in May. Yes, it can get worse next month, so it’s best to lessen your exposure outside because it’s the kind of heat that can trigger illnesses like heatstroke.   

 Does this mean you’re stuck at home? Well, trust us. The heat would make you want to stay home with your air conditioning on all day and all night. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though. Perhaps you can view this as an opportunity to bond closely with your family. Got no idea how to start? As always, is your reliable source for anything under the roof!

Here are some fun summer home activities to shake off the summer heat boredom. 


Create Different Ice Cream Flavors with the Kiddos

Who doesn't love ice cream, especially when you get to create your own flavors with your little ones? Besides, this is also a learning activity for them. Remember when you were a kid, and you loved those play-pretend cooking toys? We’re confident that this will be an enjoyable time for them, too.

Worried about the mess? That’s easy to handle with the Ninja Creami! It’s designed to be mess-free. In other words, you literally just pour your ingredients into the tub and mix it using a spoon or any stirrer that’s available in your kitchen. Then, you freeze it for 4 to 8 hours. Make sure to grab some cones, toppings galore, and let your kids’ flavorful imaginations come to life!   


Channel your K-Drama Self

Don’t let the heat be your source of dramatic cries but rather, it should be your favorite K-Drama that’s making your eyes all teary, or maybe Korean food is so good you can’t help but cry over a craving. Anyway, the main point is to channel your K-Drama self and gather your chingus (friends) for a night of Korean BBQ Grill while binge-watching a series. We both know that juicy meat on a Friday night can compensate for all the dreary days, right?

The secret to grilling tastier meat is the infrared technology of the Condura Infrared BBQ Grill. How exactly? The heat is equally distributed to the meat, which means you can prevent burnt sides, plus it retains food moisture compared to its rivals. With these two by your side, you’ll surely be transported to the taste of Seoul in no time.   


Discover Healthy Juice Recipes 

Rather than purchasing instant sugary drinks on the market, why not focus on being fit for summer by whipping up your own version of healthy juices and carbonated drinks? If you find yourself caught up in the summer boredom at home, this is a good habit to adopt!

Free yourself from those unhealthy carbonated drinks and switch to freshly made juices using the Condura Juicer. You won’t sweat doing this because of its easy user interface.

Meanwhile, soda lovers can also make fruit-infused carbonated drinks with the Sodarizer. This way, you’re able to save yourself a trip from the store, as you can just get creative with different combos and let everyone in the family be the chief juice master at home!   


Keep in view that these activities are best shared with loved ones. Whether it’s sweltering heat or a relentless downpour, things miraculously get better when laughter and warm conversation come together.   

For all your appliance needs, no matter the season, just know that is here to battle every weather just so we can reach you. As you know, we treat every customer like a VIP. To get the full experience of VIP shopping, don’t forget to subscribe and register for our Personal Shopper program for us to help you find what you need seamlessly.

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