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Top Carrier Appliances that are Fit for Summer

April 17, 2024
Top Carrier Appliances that are Fit for Summer Top Carrier Appliances that are Fit for Summer

Summer heat can be unbearable, and it can even pose a threat to our health considering the significant change in our climate. Fortunately, there are cool appliances that help us sail smoothly through the hottest season of the year. With the right appliances that are fit for summer, you can build a troop to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sweltering effects of heat and humidity.

And when it comes to innovating such products, we all know that Carrier has always been an expert in this matter. Don't believe us? We've got a list of evidence for you!


Carrier Dehumidifier


What makes this a crucial summer arsenal, you ask? Well, you know that sticky and uncomfortable feeling you get at home? That's because of the high humidity levels indoors. Let's say the normal temperature is 34°C, but the heat index can reach up to 42°C or more, but with a heat index that can soar to 42°C or beyond, reflecting the "real temperature" we perceive. This appliance is designed to eliminate excess moisture in the air to balance humidity levels, giving you a much more comfortable living space. However, it’s not just you and your family who’ll be able to benefit from this.

Your home will be an ideal setting to prevent mold and mildew growth on furniture, luxury bags, and even art collections. For more comprehensive details, check out our Carrier Dehumidifier at!


Carrier Ice Maker

You probably find yourself craving thirst-quenching drinks more often during the summer months. All that sweat and too-much-to-bear heat can be eased with a gulp of ice-cold drinks, which is why it’s never an option to run out of ice. In fact, you can get unlimited supply as the Carrier Ice Maker produces clean, ice bullets in less than 15 minutes. Yes, there’s no need to wait for hours to enjoy cold drinks!

Carrier Aura Inverter Split-Type Aircon

Tagged as Carrier’s most efficient split-type air conditioner, this unit is definitely the cream of the crop. Being a 5-star-rated aircon that only costs P1.14 per hour, you can be confident in all-day and all-night cooling without having a nightmare about your electricity bills. More than this, it’s also equipped with Intelligent Eye Sensor – a smart saving feature that can detect human presence in the room. This feature reduces energy consumption when there’s no human activity detected in the space.


So there you have it—proof that Carrier Philippines is dedicated to bringing quality indoor air and refreshing relief for all seasons. True to their mission, the brand has continued to establish not only durable but also efficient products for every household to have more affordable comfort in the long run.

Ready to gear up your home for the summer? Visit for more details. Register and subscribe for exclusive discounts and promotions.


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