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ConcepStore, Women's Month

What Women Really Want

In a constantly evolving world that is buzzing with opinions and expectations, a lot has already been said about what women really want. 

March 08, 2024
women-in-all-colors-posing-for-a-photo-concepstore-iwd2024-article women-in-all-colors-posing-for-a-photo-concepstore-iwd2024-article

While the answers are all vast and varied, there’s one common thread that emerges: the longing for simple solutions amid life’s roller coaster-like adventure.

According to a study by Universal McCann Survey, these constants among women involve aspirations for a comfortable life and family security while juggling the demands of their careers. With all these things considered, ConcepStore hopes to be the sanctuary of ease and efficiency as we offer solutions to life’s daily struggles tailored to women.

And so, to the ladies who are crushing it every day, here are our personalized hacks that you’d really want to have in your life: 

What Women Want #1: Better Sleep


After a long day of juggling multiple tasks, every woman deserves a peaceful haven where she can unwind and drift off into dreamland. But how do you achieve that? Start by setting the room temperature to your ideal cozy level. Creating the perfect ambiance ensures you can effortlessly slip into a restful slumber.

Now, if you’re worried about your electricity bill catapulting through the roof, that can easily be solved with the right air conditioning unit, such as the Carrier Aura split-type inverter aircon.

In case you haven’t heard, this is the most efficient Carrier aircon to date, for only P1.94 per hour. But it doesn’t only boast efficiency, as it will also ensure fresh air with its muti-layer filtration system to get rid of allergens that may disrupt your sleep. 

What Women Truly Want #2: Vibrant Health


A healthy body is paramount for women, who strive to thrive in every aspect.
Whether it’s through healthy eating habits, regular exercises, or mindfulness practices, prioritizing health allows women to feel empowered to tackle life’s challenges head-on. And of course, we all know that women are really involved in these activities with burning passion.

Our advice for the health buff ladies? Well, let’s make your nutritious routine more convenient with the help of the Condura juicer – your fitness companion that fuels your body with natural juices. This can save you time and effort, as you can easily squeeze the juice straight into your glasses. 

What Women Truly Want #3: Letting Go of Mundane Tasks


Does this ring a bell? As much as women like to keep things clean, the idea of manually cleaning any home is perplexing. If you’re not a fan of such traditional routines, it’s time to be more high tech!

You’d thank us for introducing you to the #1 vacuum cleaner in the United States, now available here in the Philippines – the Shark Evo Power System IQ Plus! What to love about this product? It has a storage solution called the Auto-Empty Dock, which sucks out dirt and debris from the vacuum tank.

Thus, you won’t have to dispose of the dirt frequently plus it has a strong suction that can eliminate those germs and gunk in one sweep.

What Women Truly Want #4: Effortless Preparation in the Morning


Ladies, admit it or not, you want to leave your homes looking fab and gorgeous. Another common denominator is that it usually takes a lot of time to prepare. Well, the solution that we can offer you is an effortless way to style your hair.

Whether it’s slim curls, volumized hair, or simply just drying them, the Shark FlexStyle can take care of it. Even better, it won’t damage your hair, so you can express yourself however you want without getting all frizzy.

What Women Truly Want #5: Secure Haven for the Family


To the mommies out there, we know that this is probably at the top of your list - creating a safe and nurturing environment for your family. Whether it's ensuring the home is equipped with reliable security systems, fostering open communication, or even cultivating a home where allergens have no place, you make sure that a sense of safety is embedded in your home.

For that reason, what we can recommend for you is the Carrier standing air purifier with UV technology. This can eliminate your health concerns at home as it has a HEPA filter and UV-C Technology to get rid of dust, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens.

As we come to a close, let's ask: do these resonate with your desires as a woman? We're betting on a resounding YES! As we honor Women's Month, invest in what truly brings you joy. It's the pathway to confidence that fuels empowerment, inspiration, and happiness.

And as always, share the love with your girlfriends! A little shopping spree is always a fantastic idea, especially when it's for items that add convenience to your life. Don't forget to register and join our newsletter for the latest and greatest details.

Here's to celebrating all the incredible women out there!

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