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Concep Life Delights

Enjoy the brighter side of life with appliances designed to enhance your experiences and help you get the most out of your passions & hobbies.

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Bring a little more joy into your home

Home has evolved.

From simply being our refuge, a comfort zone in which we can be our truest selves, it’s become so much more.

Our workplace. Our classroom. The sanctuary in which we indulge in our passions.

As such, we’ve curated this collection to not only enable you to pursue those passions, but take them as far as you’d like. Here, you’ll find all sorts of things to help you discover new interests, learn new skills, and create treasured moments for yourself and with your family.

So come on in. There’s an exciting new world to explore, and it’s waiting for you inside your own doors.

We’ve created this collection to not only enable you to pursue your passions, but take them as far as you’d like.


Konstrukt Series


Have your appliances match the aesthetic of your home with the Konstrukt Series of customized finishes made in partnership with Toshiba, Midea, Carrier, and Condura.

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5 Reasons you Need an Ice Maker at Home

I’m sure you’ll agree that ice is nice. But when you’re in the Philippines, it’s a necessity. And not only do you need it, you’ll need loads of it.

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Read this story

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