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Air Fryer Cooking Tips and Tricks

So you’ve finally gotten yourself an air fryer! Well done! But before you chuck everything in, let’s go over some basics.
November 03, 2020
Air Fryer Cooking Tips and Tricks Air Fryer Cooking Tips and Tricks

The Setup!

Make sure you unbox it completely. There could still be cardboard or packaging inside the fryer basket. You wouldn’t want them inside when you turn it on! Next, make sure that you place it on a nice, flat surface where there’s nothing behind it, because that’s where the heat accumulates. Lastly, give it a test run according to the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that everything is working properly.

Unbox it completely… You wouldn’t want [cardboard or packaging] inside when you turn it on!

General Cooking Tips

Start off with recipes. That way, you can experiment with tried and tested dishes to fit your skill level before you start making your own culinary discoveries. Even if you already know your way around the kitchen, it doesn’t hurt to acclimatize yourself to the new hardware.

Don’t overload the fryer basket. If you find out that your dish isn’t getting evenly cooked or crisped the way you want it to be, perhaps you’re putting too much food inside. One layer of food is usually a safe bet, since you can’t fill it up like you would a deep fryer.

Use a spray bottle to apply your oil. Air fryers don’t require a lot of oil making a little bit go a long way. But they do need a smidgen to get that crispy texture on your food. Apply a few spritzes to make a nice, light coating of oil and you should be good to go.

If you can oven fry it, you can usually air fry it. Think of air fryers as a more convenient oven: faster and able to create some better textures. Plus it’s especially good at crisping!

Flip it while it’s cooking. Most of the heat comes from the top of the air fryer so pausing the frying to flip the food inside can help make sure it’s evenly cooked. Now for the fun part: choosing what to cook! While these won’t be straight-up recipes, they can give you ideas for recipes you may want to look up.

Lay them out in the fryer basket, spray a little bit of oil, and let them cook! They’ll go well with sinangag and egg for the perfect hotsilog, longsilog, tocilog, tapsilog, and my personal favorite...basilog.

This is one of the air fryer’s specialties! Put in your favorite style of chicken and let your fryer create the crispiest, crunchiest, most delectable skin your chicken-loving taste buds have ever had!

Fish and other kinds of seafood are staples in the Filipino diet, and it’s a good thing that they’re so tasty! Go for breaded fillets or split them in half and spray a little bit of oil to get that crispy skin, and let your air fryer make some mouthwatering, fishy delights!

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If you have a larger-sized air fryer, you could try cooking a full-sized rotisserie chicken, lamb chops, pork chops, or even steak! Just make sure to flip them now and again to make sure they’re heated evenly.

Don’t like squishy, chewy, and gooey veggies? Add a layer of batter to make a crackly treat or just a light coating of oil to unleash their inner flavors! Your air fryer will make sure they turn out nice and crunchy!

Now what would an air fryer be without the classic fried foods? Sure, they may not be the healthiest choices, but every now and then, you need some of that fried goodness. Lay out your favorite fried snack, add a bit of oil, and put that diet on hold as you enjoy your perfectly-cooked guilty pleasures.

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Ohhh boy, bring on the molten, melted, drool-inducing cheese. Wrap those slices, squares, balls, or whatever shape you want your cheese to be in a nice breading, spray the oil as usual, and when they’re done, watch as the cheese drips from the perfectly crunchy coating with every bite.

This is but a taste of what you can do with your new air fryer. Is an air fryer worth buying? Find out here.

Have fun with your experiments!

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